Working demo of my latest prototype. Will launch this publicly in the coming days.

Here’s an update on my latest prototype. Most of the low polygon models are complete. Will be adding textures later. You can use hand motions to make fireflies appear, which will light up the scene. Any standard webcam will work! I’ll be launching this for everyone to use, shortly.

Building this prototype, I’ve optimized a motion tracking system that uses frame-by-frame pixel differences. I’ve also learned how to create point lights in ThreeJS and gotten better at 3d modeling using blender.

Low polygon 3d assets and point light for my next prototype.

sew-wasted asked:
brilliant would love to work with you.

Thanks for the kind words. Let’s sync up. Would be great to collaborate.

Raspberry Pi

Playing with vertex shaders on a wireframe model. Also rigged up a new motion tracker. Early prototype. 

Low polygon 3d assets for the next prototype.

Finished prototype. Motion tracking. Particle system. Camera and animation speed controls.

Performance tests. New prototype coming soon.

Model by mirada from rome

I’ve always liked seeing this in movies. The time freeze effect. Prototype in development.

Model by mirada from rome

Creating  low polygon 3d assets for a future project.

Another gesture tracking prototype I wrote that allows you to select between different layers of a data model. 

Experimenting with a gyroscope connected to an Arduino board. Data is sent to a threejs application using nodejs and socket io.

Gyroscope and Arduino board I’ll be using for some prototypes.